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  • 25-year career spanning illustration, graphic design, and art direction in computer games and CG feature animation.

  • Passion for storytelling and story structure in film, television, animation, comics, fiction & screenwriting.

  • Strong understanding and appreciation for visual storytelling, emotional & experiential design across media.

  • Experienced with and passionate about crafting original IPs, product differentiation and end-to-end visual language.

  • Belief in crafting informed, original & meaningful content through research, iteration & constructive criticism.

  • Love for building & empowering teams, mentoring individuals, teaching & public speaking.

  • Wide-ranging tastes, influences, and interests to continuously expand my knowledge base and feed my creative growth.

  • Delight in cross-disciplinary collaboration, problem-solving, and finding the alignment between art, design, tech & business.

  • Self-deprecating, sardonic and sarcastic---but, hey, nobody is perfect.



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With 25 years of production art & Art Direction experience in Computer Games and CG Feature Animation,

I am looking for opportunities to apply my unique background in visual storytelling,  emotional design and  IP creation towards the development meaningful, original Narrative, Interactive or VR experiences.

For employment, consulting, speaking inquiries, or to just say hello, email me:

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