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The American Spirit Board Company catalogue and process


This was a fun project that began as a gift for my wife. When I was unable to find any kind of ouija board other than the Parker Brothers kind, I decided to make a few of my own. Collaging together old imagery, I wanted to make something that felt like an old, forgotten relic found in a grandparent's attic. After making three, I was bit by the bug and went on to design several more with the goal of making each feel as though it came from a different forgotten corner of the world. Each design was printed and mounted to a stained, footed wood board, sealed and hand-aged with dings and dents. In the end, a few boards were sold with 'American Spirit Board Company' certificates of authenticty, the rest given away as gifts where hopefully they all continue to bring good fortunes to this day.

All images copyright © Mark Cordell Holmes