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Graphic Design, Digital Illustration, Iconography, Digital Photography & Collage

I have always wanted to design album covers, so I decided to make up some fictitious bands until I can get a real gig. Uses photography scoured off the web.

Another fake album design sample repurposing found vintage photogaphy.

One more sample of bogus album art.

Part of a series of digitally collaged spirit boards I designed for illustrator (and wife) Liz Amini-Holmes. Click to see more.

Some personal projects, one commemorating the loss of a peer and another the end of a musician.

Book design for Afterworks 2, a series of graphic novels featuring Pixar artists.

Robots for my kids, of course.

A set of really old plyaful icons.

Old self-promo designs and collaborative artwork with illustrator and wife, Liz Amini-Holmes.

Old fine art macro photography.

Old fine art macro photography.

Digitally collaged macro photography.

All images copyright © Mark Cordell Holmes

A smattering of personal work. If only I had more time... 

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