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A small sampling of my early career in computer games spanning the transition from floppy disk to CD-ROM, from 4-bit to 8-bit to 16-bit, with 10 shipped and numerous cancelled titles across multiple platorms including PC, the 3D0 player, and Sega CD. At least the PC is still around. 

Some of the shipped titles I worked on in my early gaming days. Unsurprisingly, none of these companies really exist anymore.

My first computer game credit from circa '92, the last real game to be developed by once successful Epyx, Inc. I had the good fortune to be one half of the entire art department with my longtime friend and co-worker, Steve Lewis. Note our affection for wacky-packs.

Robberfly animation for Battle Bugs. My first dalliance into animation. Click to play.

Waterbug animation. Click to play.

Early character concept designs for the would-be hero of the short-lived Rocket Boy game for the sadly short-lived Rocket Science Games.

Miscellaneous creature concepts, some for the original pitch to green-light Obsidian at Rocket Science.

Digital paint concepts for more Obsidian-inspired creatures.

Miscellaneous character designs for personal projects.

Color pencil concept art for a post-Rocket Science freelance project that never left the ground.

Environment concepts for what should have been a fantastic white-trash roller derby game that ended up on the 3D0 chopping block.

More roller-derby environment and character concepts. While the game never left the ground, these were among the drawings that got me hired at Pixar.

Storyboarding, Concept Art, Character & Set Design, 2D Character & VFX Animation, 3D Modeling, Texturing


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