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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

I was very fortunate to be a founding partner and co-creative lead of San Francisco game development studio, Dynamighty, and Art Director of 

our debut BAFTA-Nominated title, COUNTERSPY, published in 2014 by Sony Entertainment of America on PS4, PS3, PSVita, iOS & Android.


Art Direction, 2D Concept Art, 3D Protyping, Previs Modeling, UV'ing & Texturing, Layout & Lighitng, UI Menu, HUD & Screen Design, Graphic and Cinematic Design

Early environmental concept designs.

Early 2d & 3d Previz with assets initially created in Sketchup, imported & UV'ed in Maya thanks to the assistance of Sean Murphy.

Initial 3d modular prototyping with assets converted from Sketchup to Maya thanks to the assistance of Razvan Luta.

Early looks development to establish the game's graphically reductive visual style. The look was achieved in Unity thanks to the miraculous efforts of rendering genius, Peter Demoreuille.

Set kit-bashing viz dev thanks to the super-heroic efforts of environment artist supreme, Bob Archibald.

Early inspirational design for the 'meta-fiction' of a fake 1960's Counterspy franchise.

Early inspiration promotional art.

Early inspirational menu design.

Final menu designs

HUD design refinement.

Visual storytelling through environmental signage.

Vsual storytelling through Propagada signage.

Dynamighty bathroom signage.

Collectable pickup weapon plan and formula designs.

Badge icon designs.

Storyboards for opening cinematic, animated by the incredible talents of Jeff Brown, Philip Metschan and Catherine Kelly.

'Meta-fiction' designs for fake Counterspy franchise, including international movie posters and actual vinyl game soundtrack.

Sony promo designs.

More 'meta-fiction' promo art of collectable trading cards.

All images copyright ©2014 by Sony Computer Entertainment

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