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The Dynamighty Art & Design Process

DESIGNING COUNTERSPY:   The Dynamighty Art & Design process

As Art Director of Counterspy and studio co-creative lead with Dynamighty Co-Founder and Creative Director, David Nottingham, I had the privilege of being part of this special team in the making of this very unique game.


The work and process presented here is the product of many people's contributions, without whose supreme talents and efforts Counterspy would look nowhere what it does today. For all the success and acclaim credited to the look of Counterspy, I have David, my art team and all of Dynamighty to thank for their guidance and support in making the game look more amazing than I could have ever done on my own.


These abbreviated posts are part of a talk I gave at the 2015 Game Developer's Conference. They give an overview of my approach to designing Counterspy drawing from what I learned at Pixar while showcasing the indispensable work of my art team. These posts are not public yet. Feel free to inquire for more information.

Counterspy's early inception, from inspiration to aspiration.

Finding the look, style and visual voice of Counterspy

The inspiration and development of character designs in Counterspy.

The practical evolution of the procedurally-ordered underground bases of Counterspy.

Graphic design as the connective tissue of the Counterspy visual experience.

Using signage, computer screens & propaganda to visually convey story and satiric voice of Counterspy.

Fabricating a fake franchise to create a mythology behind Counterspy.

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